A Day to Remember!

Trade School - Ground Breaking!
On March 23, 2023 we finally broke ground on our Trade School Land. This will be a day to remember! Gama is back in Haiti and hit the ground running with building this new Water Cistern for the Trade School community. Thanks again to the many supporters we are seeing progress.

We have been waiting for this day since we purchased this land in 2020. So far the project has been a bit tricky. Gama reported the big dig had revealed dry and crumbly dirt. Gama continues to guide our workers at every step to help get the Water Cistern built as fast and as safely as possible. We thank you for your prayers and ask for more prayers as they work to top off the cistern with its cement cover and backfill it with soil.

Click on the Ground Breaking video ABOVE to watch the progress so far!  

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