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Welcome to our new blog!

We are so excited to get back on track with our blog sharing. This new platform has made it much easier for us to share all our Haiti updates. We know that not everyone is on social media and may not see our daily/frequent posts. Therefore, the beauty of having this new blog is that you can view it on our website or through the new TOHH app. (Which by the way...if you haven't downloaded our App, you can click here to find us in your app store)
This February, we were able to switch out our temporary wooden railings with metal railings. Team Toro (who came in May 2015) helped provide safety to our Guesthouse by installing wooden railings outside on all our decks/balconies. Because of the rain and harsh weather in Haiti we knew it would be wise to save up money and when the time came...we'd update to metal. Gama employed a welder and other workers to replace all the wooden railings and cover coat them in paint. Thanks to our supporters, we know these metal railings will last even longer as they stand against the weather in Haiti.
Lastly, we want to share some photo's from this month's school days. Our kids are still so thankful they are able to attend school. Education in Haiti is not automatic, it’s a privilege for those who can afford it. Thanks to our Child Sponsors - kids are able to attend school because their Sponsors pay for them to go. Education is a gift that keeps giving! God bless our partners!! You can help and change a child's life through sponsorship. Check out our website for children waiting to be sponsored. 

Thank you for reading and be sure to share!! Help us spread the good news of Jesus through acts of kindness. We can't wait to see what next month brings. Stay tuned for more TOHH news.

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