TOHH Update - November 2022

The Joy of Education!

School is Open and in Session!

These smiling faces are happy to be back at school. As you may have read in our previous updates, the climate of Haiti has been very hot and we are not talking about the physical temperature! To talk about a town or the country as HOT, means it's dangerous to be in the streets.

Thankfully, since the beginning of November school has been open and our children were encouraged to come back to school but not in uniform (for safety reasons). We appreciate your prayers as the gas ports have been open to deliver gas into our surrounding towns. Slowly we have seen schools and business' re-open. More and more children are coming back to school and wearing there uniforms, which is a positive sign. The school year may have been delayed but the school administration has a plan to lengthen days and also include Saturday classes to cover material missed.

We are so thankful for our teachers and staff administration that meet daily before school to pray for safety and well being for our children. The school medical and dental clinic has continued to be open serving the students and community. Lastly, our children are thankful to have the opportunity to eat a hot meal in school, it may be the only meal they have all day. It is with GRATEFUL hearts we continue to praise God for your faithfulness in supporting, giving and praying for TOHH staff, children and community.  Continue to read as to what is upcoming.

Christmas Giving!

Christmas Giving is happening even with all the challenges in Haiti.

Your GIVING is what makes Christmas Meals possible. Your giving makes a difference and will impact not only your child but their whole family this holiday season. We have 2 food packages to choose from (Small or Large). Please note due to inflation we are not changes our prices but adjusting the amounts of food given. You are welcome to purchase more than one Food Package for your specific child.

  • $50.00 Small Food Package: Holiday Meals for Family of 4-6
  • $100.00 Large Food Package: Holiday Meals for Family of 8 or more

To order online check out our website
Then click inside the Giving Box - Drop down menu; put your total donation amount and add a note under the Memo section to indicate your donation is for your sponsored child or a “family in need”

Orders can also be made by mailing a check payable to TOHH and with your child’s name in the memo to:
Tree of Hope Haiti
Attn: Christmas Giving
P.O. Box 344
Athol, MA 01331

Thank you for giving the gift of a full belly this Holiday season! You are making a difference in the lives of so many, and we cannot thank you enough. God Bless!

Please have your orders in by December 20, 2022 to ensure your child has food for the holidays.

Join Us In Prayer

TOHH Prayer Points:
  • Pray for Peace and Protection for the people of Haiti. Believe for a miracle, that God would supernaturally provide safety and provision for ALL of Haiti but also specifically Grand-Goave.
  • Pray protection and safety for children and staff attending school. 
  • Pray our shipping of supplies goes well and reaches Haiti.
  • Pray the cost of materials in Haiti would stop rising and we can purchase what we need at a reasonable price!

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