God is So Good!

New Vision for 2023

God is so Good! He has given Gama and Angela a beautiful plan for 2023! We are excited to share this Vision with YOU first, our TOHH Partners.

As many of you know, Gama is the one who has traveled back and forth to Haiti while Angela and the kids stay in America. The separation has been a challenge but God's grace continues to uplift and hold the family together.

The Lord has answered prayers and provided a way for The Parayson family to be together at least once a month moving forward. Our faith has increased to believe God and we thank those who give into The Parayson's personal support. We are seeing God provide for our personal needs as well as the missions needs. If you would like to support The Parayson family, Click below and select the drop down menu labeled Parayson Family. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.
Gama made it safely back to Haiti this past week. We praise God every time Gama travels back and forth to Haiti as it is still very dangerous to travel due to gangs blocking the roads. We believe God has a purpose and plan for every trip. This trip will include building our 2nd Cement House from the Dec. 2022's Double House Blessing Campaign, completing the Water Cistern on the Trade School land and directing VBS (vacation bible school) for Easter week.

Join us in prayer that all will get accomplished according to God's will and that many souls will be saved during our Easter week evangelism outreach.

New Vision for Housing!

This is true religion to care for orphans and widows. (James 1:27)

The next house build we are preparing for will be different from all the others we have ever built. We believe God has given us a plan to expand our house building vision. Gama and Angela have personally purchased land next to the TOHH guesthouse not knowing exactly what it would be used for. It's enough land to put 10 small homes. Over the years, we have built houses for families that own land. In fact, we verify their land papers to make sure the land belongs to them because we do not want to see someone come and take what we have built for them.

We experience many situations when people are in need of housing but do not own land. It's been our desire to help them but with no options available at that time, we had to turn them away. Now, God has given us a plan to help those people through building 10 Transitional Houses. This would allow those families in need to live in these houses for a period of time and give them tools and training to help them succeed. The goal is to assist them to a point where they can purchase their own land and build upon it.

All this to say, the next house build will be the first "Transitional House" of 10  New Transition Homes. Gama has selected this woman pictured above to receive the first house. She is someone who goes to our church and happens to be a widow. She has no other family to care for her. She tries to find odd jobs each day just to get enough money to eat each day. God has put it in our hearts to help this widow. Of course the written contract for this widow will not be like the others who will move in and transition out of our program. We open this home for her to stay as long as needed, this side of eternity. It's our offering unto the Lord to care for her. We believe God has great plans for this elderly widow. She is a hard worker and loves the Lord. We can't wait to build upon this vision God has given us. Praise be to God, this first Home is paid for! Would you pray and agree with us for God to bring in the finances to build the other 9 homes. Check out our giving page on our website, drop down menu (House Building). www.treeofhopehaiti.org/give

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Trade School Update

Water Cistern Project to Start!

As many of you know, we have had the funds raised for the Water Cistern but because of the current unrest in Haiti we were not able to get the supplies on site, in order to complete this project. Thankfully, Gama is currently in Haiti  and was able to order some supplies and will start building The Water Cistern this month.

The red rectangle pictured above represents the location on our land where we will dig the Water Cistern underground and it will also function as our parking lot when The Trade School is up and running.

Follow along for more updates. We Thank You again for all your love and support. God bless you, may the Lord's face shine upon you, protect you and keep you in all that you do.

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