March Highlights

We currently have 160 registered students in school. Each student receives a healthy meal and also has access to dental and medical care thanks to you, our faithful sponsors.
Our sponsored children are so blessed to be a part of the Mission of Hope International school. Not only are they getting one of the best educations in our area but MOHI also has one of the finest functional libraries. Books are available in many languages (French, Creole, Spanish and English) which helps their minds grow and increases their development.

More Highlights since January 2021

1. Giving Sunday Because of our generous supporters in 2020, these solar panels were purchased. This allowed TOHH to be independent, not having to depend on gas and generator power to pump water to the water tanks. Our community of 800 families thanks you! God bless our faithful partners!
2. Community Water Distribution Because of our generous supporters we are able to provide clean fresh water to our community on a daily basis. Clean water has made a huge impact in our village. Not only are the Haitian people refreshed, they are also living a healthier life. What we take so easily for granted in the US, is a luxury in Haiti.

3. Building Restoration Because of our generous supporters TOHH has undergone a transformation. We were able to replace the old wooden porch rails and columns with metal ones. This will prove to be a valued investment for years to come. Not only does it give a facelift to the property, it also cuts down the maintenance of the building itself.

4.  House Building Lastly, if you have been following us on social media - since the COVID shutdown we have been able to build 4 Houses for families in need because of our amazing TOHH donors. We typically have house building missionary teams come and help build these houses but while mission trips have been on hold we are so thankful to still be able to build homes.

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Ravi - May 23rd, 2021 at 2:58am

Very nice, Its motivational