Summer Highlights - 2021


On July 7th the Haitian people mourned the death of their beloved President, Jovenel Moise. The assassination of our President brought more political turmoil to our island that has already suffered so much lawlessness and economic struggle. Please continue to pray for our First Ladies healing.
1. Earthquake 
Haiti’s number of fatalities totaled 2,200, with 9,900 injured and 300 still  missing. The 7.2 earthquake left an already traumatized island in much need  of repair. We are so grateful for the outpouring of love, food, supplies and  boots on the ground. A special thank you to Pastor Lex Edme of Mission of  Hope International for his compassionate heart and love for the Haitian  people. We are thankful for the heartfelt prayers and are happy to report that  TOHH, our staff, our property and our students are all safe and suffered no  loss.
2. Abriny House
The Abriny family has a new cement home! Bright and cheerful is an  understatement for this home and for the Abriny family. What a beautiful  blessing our partners are! We cannot say thank you enough. Your  extraordinary giving enables TOHH to build homes with security in mind. All  cement buildings are earthquake and hurricane resistant.  
3. Summer Camp
Everyone had a wonderful time and were so excited for the End of Summer Camp Party. We can’t wait for the kids to share with their parents and friends  what they learned at camp. Our staff and our kids did an amazing job preparing for this event. A special thank you to every sponsor who made  this possible.
4. Back to school
Our Haitian staff has been working hard after camp to prepare our Back2School  Distribution. We want to thank all those who donated. We shipped a total of 11  barrels and provided the tools our students need to succeed in their education.  The smiles on their faces reveal how happy they are to attend school.

So far we have raised $22,350! We are so close. Please consider sowing into  this cause. Here is the link to donate.

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