Mission Trips

Due to Civil Unrest * Mission Trips are on Hold

Short Term Trips

House Building Teams, Community Outreach Teams, Easter VBS, Child Sponsorship Teams, Summer Camp, Medical Teams and more...
TOHH accepts groups of 6-30 people. An individual may choose to form their own team, or join an existing team.
If you would like to organize a trip, please submit your request for a one week mission trip to info@treeofhopehaiti.org.
Once your team is approved for coming, a missions application link through Pure Charity will be sent via email.
All trips must be approved before booking airplane flights

Volunteer Expectations:

  • Haiti is hot. You can expect 95-100° F days in summer months. A large fan is provided in every room, but individuals are welcome to bring small battery operated fans. Also, as your safety is very important to us, lots of breaks will be taken when working outside and plenty of water will be provided.
  • Tree of Hope Haiti is part guesthouse, and part family home. We welcome you into our family’s home, but kindly ask you remain considerate when it comes language and behavior with our two children.
  • Cleanliness is key. Our home is maintained by a housekeeper, but we ask you to keep your room relatively tidy in order to assist her in keeping our rooms clean.
  •  Toiletries are a must on your trip. Toilet paper is provided, but all other items you wish to have during your stay must be brought with you. This includes towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, necessary medications, sunscreen, bug spray, and anything else you might want or need.
  • A Typical Haitian meal plan is included. During your stay we are happy to provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner. This commonly consists of chicken, rice, beans, and tropical fruits. We recommend that you bring non-perishable snacks (dried fruit, granola bars, candies, and nuts). We ask that you bring these items in sealable containers such as Ziploc bags to keep ants at bay. Please also keep in mind that due to Haiti’s limited food selection, we are not able to provide specialty foods for those with dietary restrictions. Those with these restrictions are encouraged to bring their own food.
  • Be prepared on our construction sites. It is necessary that you bring comfortable work shoes such as sneakers, sunglasses, work gloves, at least one water bottle, and a flashlight. In terms of attire, comfortable athletic gear, such as shorts and t-shirts, tend to work the best.
  • While you’re in Haiti, you’ll probably want to purchase souvenirs. We recommend that you bring $150-200 USD in cash. It is important to bring cash as your debit or credit cards and checks cannot be used in our area in Haiti, but if there’s an emergency cards can be used if you require additional cash.
  • Connecting with family and friends. While you’re here, we understand that it is important to stay connected with loved ones at home. While we can’t promise Internet, we will provide a phone with which to call home. After that we do welcome everyone to connect with our Tree of Hope Haiti Facebook page for daily updates and photos!
  • We will go to Church. Tree of Hope Haiti is a Christian organization. Because of this we ask our guests to accompany our family to service on Sundays. As well as being important to our family, church service is an integral part of Haitian culture, and we feel it is a worthwhile experience for our teams. In terms of church attire, we ask you to dress appropriately. For women, this means covered shoulders and skirts or dresses to the knee. For men, this means nice pants such as khakis, paired with a polo shirt or short-sleeve button-up shirt.
  •  While your work is important, we want you to have fun! Haiti is a beautiful country, and we want you to have the opportunity to experience our nation as well as its people. We ask you to come with an open mind and heart to serve!

Interested in coming or have questions about missions?

Send us your request or questions about missions.