The Gas Shortage Collapse!

Video taken on September 29, 2022

The Gas Shortage Collapse!

Prayers Needed For Haiti 🙏

For the past 6 months, all of Haiti has been dealing with a gas shortage crisis. This has become a major disaster in the whole country. Due to the crisis in question, there are no transactions happening, no businesses, no hospitals, no banks, no government offices, not even phone companies are open. In recent months, one by one have been forced to close their services because of no fuel, not able to function.

Which brings us to the past 2 weeks, the Haitian people have taken the streets to protested so the government can hear their voice; asking them to do something and help with this gas shortage. School should be open by now, but in order for that to happen, the government must take action.

Gama was scheduled to head back to has this past Wednesday but for obvious reasons it was canceled. Number one because of the hurricane that shut down the airports in Florida but also the gas shortage that has paralyzed and basically shut down travel within Haiti.

The people of Haiti are strong and have endured much suffering for many years, things are getting worse for them everyday. The inflation rate has sky rocked with food and supplies costing more than they have ever been. Would you partner with us in prayer?

Here are some Prayer Points:
  • Pray for God to establish righteous leaders and remove the wicked 
  • Pray for a RENEWED Hope to encourage the people
  • Pray for Justice to reign and the Gangs to be dissipated
  • Ask God to provide for the everyday needs of the people

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