May Highlights 2021

Education is key for equipping children to succeed! The children are so excited to be back to school! You can tell by the joy on their faces that they love to learn. Education is a big part of the vision that TOHH has. We believe in equipping them for success and are so excited that MOHI school is now teaching the children English!
Flag Day Celebration May 18th, is a very special holiday for all Haitians called Flag Day. Haitians celebrate by dressing in their flag colors and waving their flags high and proud! They do this to celebrate freedom and their independence from France. This day is a demonstration of the strength and perseverance of Haiti!
10,000.00 Raised for our new boat! We extend our sincere gratitude to you our generous partners. Because of your faithful giving we are closer to reaching our vision for a large capacity passenger boat. Safety is our priority when it comes to our staff and mission teams as they travel to and from the airport. With God on our side we will reach our goal of 35,000.00.
Our trees are bursting with fruit. The scent from the mango trees is heavenly. God has truly blessed our land and we give him all the glory! Shout out to James Watson and Team Excel for preparing and planting gardens! Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydews are getting ripe for harvest!
May’s highlight is the incredible outpouring of love and compassion from our partners. Because of your generosity we were able to raise over $10,000.00 to replace Jacqueline’s home that was destroyed by fire. Thank you for giving into this project that (Gives hope for a better future for Jacqueline’s family and our workers). We have received enough funds and expect Jacqueline's new home to be finished shortly.

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