April Highlights

April Highlights

You may follow us on social media and if so, you will agree that this years Easter Program was a blessing to ALL! We have daily vacation bible school (VBS) with our children, crafts, snacks, kite making and more. All to end with an Easter Celebration on Sunday, the day of our Savior's Resurrection. Because of your generosity we were able to provide a healthy meal to all our sponsored children and  also their guests during our Easter Celebration. You can tell by the look on this child’s face how much  a home cooked meal means. We are so grateful to our partners for supporting TOHH! Community Night here at the TOHH Pavilion is a big event. We understand how important it is to  share videos and short films with the children. This is a rare treat for them. The Jesus Film is always  a request on Easter weekend. We also had an opportunity to thank our Easter VBS staff for all their hard work. Nothing says “thank  you” better than a full meal spread out to celebrate what the Lord has done through these beautiful  people. Join us as we honor them for blessing our children and community!
The Lord has laid it upon the hearts of these precious ladies to gather at the  gate of TOHH. They were singing and offering prayers of intercession and  thanksgiving to the Lord for Gama and TOHH. Gama was overwhelmed by  their heartfelt prayers of intercession and thanksgiving. So overtaken by their  hearts of gratitude, Gama invited them into the gate and has joined them in  prayer. Check out TOHH Facebook page for more details.
After a long wait from COVID-19 restrictions we are happy to announce that this April was our first birthday party since last year's shutdown. The kids were thrilled to be back in the TOHH Pavilion. Because of our generous supporters, donations of party decorations, cake boxes and gifts have been shipped to Haiti by barrels. Each birthday party is our chance to share with the kids how God created them special and how He has a good plan for their future. Most children in Haiti do not know their birthday and may not celebrate due to lack of funds. Since we have been celebrating birthdays with our children they LOVE to know their birthday because that means they get to celebrate with cake, juice, gifts and balloons! Thanks again to all those who make this possible, including our Haitian staff!!
Our kids were thankful to be back in school after Easter break but are also excited about their routine  dental check ups at the clinic. Did you know Child Sponsorship includes medical and dental care?  Many thanks again to all our child sponsors who provide so much more than education!!
Our BIGGEST highlight is to raise $35,000.00 for the purchase of a large passenger boat. We trust God to lay it upon the hearts of people to sow into this. The safety of our mission teams and family is of utmost importance! It has become extremely difficult to travel to and from Port Au Prince airport. This boat is a must! Please consider sowing a gift today. Donations can be made through our website, our app, or in the mail.  www.treeofhopehaiti.org/give

Tree of Hope Haiti
P.O. Box 344
Athol, MA 01331
In closing, we would like to thank everyone for your continued support. We know God has an even bigger plan instore and we keep our eyes on Him - the author and finisher of our faith. We pray for you all to be strong in the Lord, may you feel His presence near and we thank you for praying for us too! We hope to bring you more updates next month concerning the water well for the Trade School land. We trust God's leading and provision is with us! Amen

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