The Future TOHH Trade School

God has expanded our borders and as we wait for finances to come in to build the TOHH Trade School, we started to plant and till the ground. Just as God prepares our hearts for the next season...We pray this land is prepared to see the glory of God as it’s used to bless a nation and bring HOPE through a Trade School that honors God and trains students hands on for a bright future!

Our Vision for this Trade School is to EDUCATE - EQUIP - EMPOWER
How will we educate, equip and empower? Through our mission statement that is: To build brighter futures through elite, focused, hands-on higher education in Grand-Goave.

Your giving makes a difference. Join us as we continue to raise funds and build this Trade School.  The land has been purchased in 2020 and our water well has been pledged to be paid in 2021. We received blueprints in 2022 and will start Phase 1 of building the security wall this up coming 2023!

We invite you to make your mark in Grand-Goave, Haiti. This opportunity allows you to buy a block, a row or a full section of the wall securing our TOHH Trade School. This wall will allow our students, staff and other members of our community to have a safe, secure environment to learn, grow and worship the Lord.

We are offering three (3) levels of giving for block purchasing.
  • Single blocks: $10.00 each 
  • Columns (a row of 10 blocks): $100.00 
  • Full Section (100 blocks): $1,000.00 

When donating online, use drop down button to Buy A Block. Please note how many blocks, rows or sections you would like to purchase.

Donations can be made on our website or download our TOHH app for convenient giving. Search Tree of Hope Haiti