Summer Camp 2017 – Week 7 (Chelle, Carleen and Patrick)

This trip marked my 13th visit to Haiti and it was so special since it was the end of summer camp! I spent the week working with one of my sponsor kids teaching him how to spell his name. By the end of the week, he was writing perfect w’s! I spent one-on-one time with my sponsor kids, and each time will be a cherished memory, whether it was writing with Willy, painting Didi’s nails and having her braid my hair, dancing with Demas, making cookies with Jude, relaxing with Lucienne, or going to church with Chachou. I can’t wait to see what my next trip to TOHH has in store for me!

~ Chelle Overton, Summer Camp 2017 Missionary
Each trip to Haiti my passion for this beautiful place grows. The second I step off the airline, I see more and more progress. This trip was pretty special because it was the last week of summer camp, so we got all the excitement like the party, hearing the kids perform their songs in front of us, their friends, and family. Even though I don’t have a sponsored child, I was so happy to be invited here to spend the past 10 days here to take part in summer camp with 3 of my favorite people from all my past trips.

~ Patrick “Ti Brother” Cunha, Summer Camp 2017 Missionary

I was blessed to be able to spend the last 10 days at a place so dear to my heart. A place I feel to be my home away from home, where I feel incredibly welcome and loved. Though I’ve been several times, the experiences each time are new and even more rewarding. This visit, I spent time with the children during their 2nd annual summer camp. What a great time we ALL had! It was so inspiring to see how excited they are to learn and create. I look forward to seeing my seven sponsored children and, each time, it’s quite obvious that they are equally as excited! The highlight of the trip was the end of summer camp fèt (party)! Our group, some of my dearest friends, work all day along with our Haitian children and TOHH staff. The children enjoyed a wonderful evening of singing and awards. It could not have turned out better. We ended our trip with swimming at Taino Beach after sharing lobster with the children. I look forward to the next visit. I miss these hugs and smiles the moment I leave!

~ Carleen Desrochers, Summer Camp 2017 Missionary

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