Summer Camp 2017 – Week 5

This week, we want to give you a closer look at TOHH Summer Camp, and the work we’ve been doing in Haiti this summer! Our kids have had an amazing summer so far, and so have our missionaries!

Last year’s summer camp class had a total of 38 children in it, and we held camp in the downstairs area of the TOHH Guesthouse. This year, we have expanded the program to include roughly 125 children! Due to this incredibly large number of kids, we decided to divide summer camp into three groups.

The first group is children ages 4 and under. This class goes to summer camp on Mondays. They do a variety of activities, on a Preschool level. The work with their hands, practice writing, learn shapes, songs, and play games. They are so sweet and love to have fun! Some activities they have done this year include making shapes with WikiSticks, writing letters on whiteboards, and listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The second group meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and includes the majority of our summer camp kids. This group is ages 5 to 12.

The big group is so much fun! They mainly do activities to strengthen their Math and English skills, as well as some fun games and crafts. Some activities they have done so far this summer are addition stories, practicing Math with Base 10 blocks, learning the verb ‘to be,’ and doing some leaf rubbings!

The last group is made up of our oldest, most academically advanced children. This group of kids ages 13 and older meets on Fridays. They are very motivated and serious about learning, especially English. On Fridays, we have been working specifically with this class on their English skills.

So far, they have used games and other activities to learn the verb ‘to be,’ how to conjugate a verb in English, and some of the most useful English words.

We are so happy that, thanks to our child sponsors, we are able to feed the children crackers and juice every day for snack! The children are fed one meal a day at school, however, since they are not at school in the summer and not receiving that meal, many of the children will often be hungry. This makes all the difference to many of the kids!

We are also so proud of some of our older kids that are helpers for our summer camp program! They are doing an amazing job, and we love having them!!

We have loved having missionaries with us in Haiti this summer to help with summer camp! The kids absolutely love having them, and have such a great time! The summer camp
missionaries have time to interact with the children at summer camp, as well as visit their home, and spend time with them as part of our community in Grand-Goâve. They have done a variety of other activities such as market trips, waterfall hikes, beach trips, and more!

We want to thank the missionaries that have come to Haiti so far this summer, and will come in the following weeks! Thank you for making this summer one to remember for our kids!!

You can follow this last two weeks of TOHH Summer Camp on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Facebook: Tree of Hope Haiti
Twitter: @treeofhopehaiti
Instagram: @treeofhopehaiti

Thank you again to all the child sponsors, donors, missionaries, and supports for making this an amazing summer for our kids – and it’s not even over yet!

~ Cassandra

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