Summer Camp 2017- Week 1 (Sarah and Nancy)

I have never met a group of children, and young adults who are more eager tolerant, love, and laugh. One of my favorite experiences in Haiti always in going on walks around the neighbourhoods.

Trips to Haiti are filled with love. I have some pictures from a trip a few years ago. In these photos I’m standing just outside of the Mission of Hope International. I’m holding the hands of two little boys who I had met in church that morning. On this trip I showed Cassandra the picture and she said that she knew where one of them lived. One of the next days we walked over to their house to visit with the family. I’ll never forget how he hugged me and how we walked arm in arm back to Tree of Hope.

Getting to spend individual time with some of the children on this trip was very special. I honestly believe that neither the missionaries or the children will never forget each other. It’s a special bond you form as you learn and laugh every single day. Even if you just hold a hand on a walk or read a book together they are so appreciative.

I learned so many lessons on this trip. Our days began with beautifully cooked meals. Featuring fresh fruits and authentic delicious Haitian dishes. When the children arrived we began English practice with them. The children and translators taught us just as much Creole as we taught them English. We played games and had snacks. In the afternoons we visited houses, helped write letters, and of course played!

I’ll never forget learning about how many kids are waiting for sponsorship. There are so many children being sponsored but there is such a high need for committed people to step into this role. These are kids who deserve to go to school just like all children should. If you are able to be a sponsor it is such a magical experience. The children love their sponsors so much. Their faces light up when you mention sending them a picture or when they get to read a hand written letter from their sponsor. To be able to provide a reliable education for a child will change their life forever. It makes them believe they can change their lives and it gives them the power to do that very thing. Through sponsorship you could help a child change the world. I know that I will be back to Haiti as soon as I can be. I know that if you take a chance and go to Haiti you will go on more than one trip. It is an experience like no other that will change your definition of love.

– Sarah Berthier

Where can you gain 100 plus new family members that trust you and show genuine unconditional love and admiration? Gama and Angela’s neighborhood in Grand-Goâve, Haiti is where. Under the awesome leadership of Cassandra Clemente, summer camp has expanded this summer serving over 100 eager children and young adults who are honing their English skills while singing, practicing calendar skills and greetings, crafts, and fun games. The group is now split into three, offering younger (3 and 4 year olds) and older (13 + year olds) classes to work on skills geared towards specific skills taught to preschool and high classes, respectively.

I so enjoyed interacting with the children,

young and old, within hours of our arrival at Tree of Hope Haiti’s mission guesthouse. It seems like there are endless amounts of children nearby ready to give and receive the gifts of learning and love (and tons and tons of hugs).

Although I loved the teaching, singing, and playing of summer camp, I also much appreciated the multiple opportunities for interaction with individual children and their families, both on planned, structured visits and strolls around the neighborhood, never having empty hands for long.Sometimes two or three children are trying or creatively holding each hand. There really isn’t a language barrier, in this Creole community where everyone seems ready to help others with interpretation…but the greatest communication is the huge smiles between us “blan” and every child I met.

A week really wasn’t long enough for me! I am oping to share my love for Haiti, and the Tree of Hope community, and hope to bring a friend or two more to experience the beauty that surround this mission.

– Nancy Wilcock

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