March 2017: Serving our Community

March was a very busy month at TOHH! We are very grateful for everything we were able to accomplish!

Saintai takes a photo with her cake!

March was filled with birthdays! Several of the sponsored children celebrated birthdays in March; Dodo, Javensley, Marie Flore, Saintai, Terravil, and Willy!

Happy Birthday Marie Flore!

In Haiti, children may or may not know their birthday and, if they do, they rarely celebrate it.

Thank you to the Erving Evangelical Church
for sponsoring Javensley! He had a very happy birthday!!

We are so happy that, because of your support and donations, we are able to throw a small party for each of our sponsored children on their birthdays!

Dodo loved his cake! He finished almost
the entire piece before we could get a picture!

They absolutely love coming to TOHH for a cake and presents! The children will most often come in their best clothes, and with a new haircut.

A very happy birthday to Terravil!

How adorable are they with their cakes and presents?!

This family will eat well for the next month

We are so grateful for all that our child sponsors do for their children as well as their children’s families. In March, Brenda decided to purchase food for her sponsored child Sonson’s family.

Bringing the food home!

Sonson’s mother is very malnourished and, as a result, is very weak and also anemic. TOHH does pay for her to be seen by a doctor monthly and for medication, but what better way to give her strength than by providing food!

Sonson’s mother (left)

A very big thank you to Brenda for not only providing Sonson with access to an education, but also for blessing his mother with food to help her gain strength and live longer.

As many of you may know, Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti in October 2016. Many animals died during the hurricane, creating shortages and raising prices of animals significantly.

Several sponsors chose to give a goat to their sponsored child or children as a Christmas gift. After Hurricane Matthew, it became extremely difficult for us to find goats for sale at reasonable prices.

The Julien Family, with their two new goats!
Thank you, Chelle and Carleen!


Berlandie’s goat is a little camera shy!

During the month of March, we were able to start finding goats for the children. So far, 18 goats were purchased for children whose sponsors sent money for a goat. Four goats remain.

Linedialine loves her goat! Thank you, Annastina!

The following children received goats in March; Berlandie, Joanette, Loudia, Peterson V., Rose Berline, Jude, Ketlove, Francois, Javensley, Willy, Dodo, Didi, Linedialine, Terravil, Demas, Emmanuel, Simonia, and Marley.

Peterson with his new goat! Thank you, Leslie!

A huge thank you to those who purchased a goat for their sponsored child for Christmas! Many families lost some, if not all, of their livestock during Hurricane Matthew. Your gift means more now than ever!

We love the creative idea that Drew and Paige used to collect donations for TOHH! This year, instead of asking for presents on their birthdays, they asked for TOHH donations! They collected cake mix, powdered sugar, baking soda, frosting, candles, and food coloring which we will use to make cakes for our sponsored children’s birthdays. Thank you Drew and Paige! Because of you, a child in Haiti will have a very happy birthday!

Team Becker College from Be Like Brit

In March, we were very happy to have Team Becker College from Be Like Brit come tour the TOHH Guesthouse in Haiti! Thanks for all the amazing work you are doing for our community and the children of Haiti!

Sarah interviews Jared while Ben films
footage for TOHH promo videos!

We are so excited to be working on TOHH promo videos! A big thank you to Ben Mertzic for all the hard work he is doing in organizing and creating these videos. IWe spent an afternoon at Good News Bible Church in Wilton, NH, doing interviews that will be used in these videos. We interviewed several members of Team Good News, including Rick and Megan Robichaud, Megan Sones, Kelly LaPrade, Peter Vitello, and Jared Vitello. We also interviewed Cassandra Clemente, Sarah and Jon Vitello, and three of their children, Ethan, Riley, and Emeryn Vitello. Thank you to everyone that came to do an interview!

This family receives food!
Marie VeDean with her adorable new dress!

Also in March we were able to give out donations of clothes, blankets, and food to our community. They were so grateful! Thank you so much to Angie Sones for the blankets! Another thank you to Bruce and Anita Bevis for the clothes donations! A big thank you to the Erving Evangelical Church for sending food donations! Our community thanks you!

Our community is so grateful to receive blankets!
The box truck has arrived!

On March 23rd, our box truck arrived in Haiti!! We were so happy to receive it, and unpack all that was inside. With the box truck came tables, chairs, a generator, food, clothes, shoes, toys, construction supplies, and more to help us serve our community!

Time to unpack!

Thank you to everyone involved in making this project a success, including Alan Roseberry for donating your company truck to TOHH, Dean Boudreau, Dale Kandoll, and everyone else who helped pack the truck, and Robert Heald for driving the truck to Florida!

Damaniel receives toys, and more!

Several sponsors sent gifts for their sponsored children on the box truck. Damaniel and Terravil were so happy to open their gifts, and to know their sponsors were thinking of them. Thank you Joanna and Lauren!

Terravil is so thankful for his new clothes, parachute toy, and plane toy!

At the end of March, we also had Cassandra arrive in Haiti! Cassandra will be working with our Child Sponsorship Program (Haiti Side), since the program has grown from 25 to 85 children in just one year!

Thank you to much to everyone that made the month of March a success! We could not do what we do at TOHH without you!! Stay updated with what’s happening in Haiti and in America by following TOHH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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TOHH has a new phone number! We can now be reached at (857) 302 – 0817.
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Mackenson’s Recovery

In December 2016, one of our workers, Mackenson, had a horrible accident while working on the third floor roof of the TOHH Guesthouse. While using a heavy mallet to remove 2x4s from the roof, he overexerted his swing and gravity pulled him to the ground. It was a true miracle that he hit the retaining wall around the second floor, which slowed his fall and flipped him around. Mackenson fell on his face, broke his jaw, and lost almost all his teeth.

Gama, being trained as an EMT, was able to instruct the other workers to transport Mackenson into a vehicle. Gama then drove him to a hospital in Grand Goave, where injures were assessed and pain medications were given. They then continued on to Port-au-Prince where, after five hospitals, they finally found one that would admit Mackenson. In Haiti a hospital will not admit a patient unless there is a doctor present willing to work on them, and unless the cost is paid for upfront.

We are thankful to God that Mackenson survived this fall, and with minimal injuries. After breaking his jaw, he was not able to eat on his own and needed a Nasogastric (NG) feeding tube. Mackenson had a successful surgery to reconstruct his jaw. Just before Christmas, he was released from the hospital and spent the holiday with his family. Soon after, his feeding tube was removed and he began a liquid diet with some soft foods. He is recovering and doing well, and he continues to tell us how grateful he is to be alive.

The hospital that Mackenson was admitted to has taken very good care of him because we have been able to pay. For Mackenson’s recovery, TOHH has paid $5,000. His life is very important to us, and we will do anything we can for him. He is twenty-three years old and has a two-year-old bay girl at home. We will do anything we can to help him recover.

Please share Mackenson’s story and help us raise awareness and funds for his recovery. If you would like to contribute to Mackenson’s medical expenses, follow this donation link and write “Mackenson’s Recovery” in the memo: On behalf of Mackenson, his family, and TOHH, thank you!!

Would you like to come on a mission trip to Haiti?

We would love to have you volunteer for one week (or more) at TOHH in Grand Goâve!
Holiday Sponsorship Trip 2017:
December 27, 2017 – January 3, 2018
We currently have spots available on the Holiday Sponsorship 2017 Team! This team will be doing a variety of activities with the sponsored children! These include home visits to the children’s homes, crafts, baking, a holiday party, a hike, a trip to the beach, and a possible home improvement project (additional cost, to be discussed at pre-trip meetings).
This team will have pre-trip meetings before traveling to Haiti. The cost of each trip is as follows:
$125 – Deposit (includes the cost of a TOHH shirt that we request you wear on travel day)
$450 – TOHH Guesthouse Fee (includes three meals/day, housing, transport to and from the airport in Haiti, and operations costs)
Flights – Purchased by each volunteer at a pre-trip meeting
If you’d like to join the trip, please fill out an application form here:
For more information about preparing for a trip to Haiti, follow this link:

Would you like to lead your own team to Haiti? 

Are you a church or school group? TOHH accepts missionary teams of 6 – 24 people. One you have a team forming, contact us to request dates and begin preparing your team for Haiti. To submit your request for a one- to two-week trip, please email us at

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