Water Project


Water is the most basic human need. The average family living in the mountains of Haiti must make a 3 to 5 mile journey under hot sun up and down mountains to a water source that is often unclean and unreliable. They must then carry back a minimum of 25 gallons of water per day to complete the most basic of tasks for the survival of a family such as cooking, cleaning, drinking, bathing and laundry. Because of this difficult process, every drop is precious, and the same water is often used for multiple tasks.

Tree of Hope Haiti has an unwavering vision to improve both the quality and accessibility to water the through faithful and diligent work of our organization and our supporters. Solving our community’s urgent water shortage can be accomplished through the instillation of well and water tower systems. The most recent water project pumps 2,000 gallons of water a day, and provides enough water to sustain 300-400 people per day. The water towers are installed with solar systems to both reduce energy costs and ensure a constant supply of water.

Water Tower

While this first water tower has helped many, there are still thousands of people in the mountainous community of Grand-Goave without access to clean water. We welcome projects related to water development such as the digging of new wells and the construction of water towers, the improvement of water transportation or projects related to irrigation. If you have a vision for water improvement we will work with you to see your project completed and our community improved.

To send us your project idea, please email us at: info@treeofhopehaiti.org

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Build-A-Home ProjectT.T.44

After the 2010 earthquake that destroyed much of Haiti’s many homes, thousands of families found themselves without shelter. Without the means to rebuild, many people reside with dirt floors and walls made of inadequate materials. Often when it rains, people aren’t able to sit or sleep because water infiltrates the home making it almost unusable, and it is a struggle to keep personal possessions dry. As well as the inability to rest in their own homes, living on dirt floors poses many health concerns.

Tree of Hope Haiti wants to ensure that every family in the community has a safe and durable place to call home. This means three simple aspects: four weatherproof walls, a tin roof, and a  concrete floor. There are a variety of sizes and materials used to best fit an individual family’s needs. A one room, 12×16 home composed of 2×4’s, plywood, a tin roof and a concrete floor can be build for $2,500 USD. A two-room home made of the same materials can be built for $4,500 USD. A more durable home can be constructed entirely of concrete and would cost $6,500-$7,000 USD to complete. All of these homes can be completed in a week.


Not only do teams get to build a home for a family in desperate need, they also have the opportunity to personally connect with the family they are serving. Teams are also able to donate additional funds to buy furniture or other essentials a family may require if they wish to do so.

If you are interested in constructing a home for a family in need, please form a team of 8-15 people and apply to volunteer. http://treeofhopehaiti.org/volunteers/application/ 

Individuals may also apply to be placed with a team. Youth groups are welcome to build a home during the day and work on children’s or youth programs in the afternoons.

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Education Project


Giving a child an education not only opens the door for a better life for that child, but also benefits and strengthens the entire community. Education in Haiti is not promised and can often be unavailable and incomplete. Schools regularly close their doors because money to pay for teachers’ salaries has run out or due to lack of supplies. In Haiti, children have to finish a full year in order to move on to higher grade levels, but if learning is stopped, the child cannot move on and is forced to repeat the entire year. Therefore, it is vital that teachers’ salaries and children’s access to school is sustained and uninterrupted.

Tree of Hope Haiti has a vision to make sure every child in the community is enrolled in school. There are three ways in which you can help Tree of Hope Haiti see this vision become a reality.
Sponsor a Teacher Program: This program involves paying a teacher’s monthly salary. This donation begins at $150 USD dollars a month and varies by grade level. By providing this support, you are not only supporting the teacher, but also ensuring the education of the 30-40 children he or she teaches. If you are involved with the program, you will receive updates (newsletters, photos, and letters) as to how the teacher and students are utilizing your gift.

Sponsor a Student Program: A donation of $40.00 USD monthly to this program ensures a child’s ability to go to school for a full academic year, as well as providing the necessary supplies to succeed in the classroom.  Similar to the Sponsor a Teacher Program, the donor will receive updates (newsletters, photos, and letters) as to the child’s progress throughout the year.

Alan.sponsor.kids            (Here is Alan Roseberry with 4 students he sponsors to go to school)

Infrastructure Program: Tree of Hope Haiti wishes to support the already existing schools in its community by helping to improve the classrooms and buildings in which the children are taught. This program aims to ensure years of safe learning for generations of children in Grand-Goave. This could mean improving the structural stability of the building itself, providing more ventilation to the classrooms, creating classroom furniture, or supplying teaching tools.

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If you are interested in completing an infrastructure project please send us your project idea via email at info@treeofhopehaiti.org


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