Gama’s Story

Pastor Kervince Parayson, otherwise known as Gama, is living proof of the goodness of God in action.  Born into poverty, Gama lived with and grew up with his grandmother who he affectionately called ”Mommy Lexida”.  Mommy Lexida cared for Gama and  nine others. She knew that without an education Gama had no hope for a better future in Haiti.

It was only through the kindness of a stranger that Gama was able to go to school and study English.  At the age of six Gama was spiritually adopted by a loving American at the New Missions Christian School in Leogane Haiti.  This kind stranger sowed financial seed faithfully on a monthly basis.  Through the generosity of one person, Gama was provided a regular diet of education and food.  He considers himself among the fortunate children of Haiti.

Gama kept a grateful heart through his childhood and as an adult, never forgetting the love that was shown him.  Gama is very aware of God’s favor on him.  He vowed to some day return the generosity that was shown him through a stranger.  The vision to sow his life as an example of God’s love is the driving force behind “The Tree of Hope” in Haiti. Gama sees “Tree of Hope Haiti” as branches overflowing with nourishing fruit for the Haitians to eat from, along with a root system that runs deep in God.


“Spiritual Parents”

In 2000 Gama came to live with his Uncle Lexidan Edme and his wife Renee at the “Mission of Hope InternationalEdme Family grounds in Grand-Goave Haiti.  Pastor Lexidan saw something special in Gama and knew that the future of this young man was destined for greatness. Lex quickly took Gama under his wing and used his influence to shape and mold Gama. He saw the same hunger for change in Gama that he himself experienced as a child.  Lexidan’s financial support from an American woman whom he never met made a strong and lasting impact on his life. He was among the privileged who were educated clothed and fed.  It was because of this opportunity that Lex is so successful today.  He founded and established Mission of Hope International along with his wife Renee.  Because of their commitment and determination, Mission of Hope International is well known throughout the world.  Lex has used his influence to bring positive change to the lives of the Haitian people.  His life reflects that of determination, hard work and a courageous spirit.  Pastor Lexidan’s role in Gama’s life was that of a spiritual leader and father.  He was instrumental in mentoring Gama for missions and equipping him for the work of ministry.

Edme FamilyRenee Edme is the nurturing “Mama” in Gama’s life.   Her compassion has helped Gama to follow the leading of his own heart. She inspires Gama to reach out to others within his area.  Renee has taught him the value of hard work, living with integrity and honor and never giving up on your dreams. It was Renee’s motherly wisdom that cultivated Gama’s dreams and kept them alive through the years. Gama’s work with the Edme’s, hosting groups, caring for them and helping minister, was a turning point in his life. Through their extraordinary love and guidance as “Spiritual Parents” Gama was able to complete his studies and graduate.  They not only welcomed him as part of the family but he was included with the Edme children AJay and Alexis, who helped Gama speak English and became his brother and sister.  Gama’s affection for this family is tremendous.  He attributes his success to the abundant supply of faith and love that Lex and Renee demonstrated to him through the years.



Love At First Sight

While working at Mission of Hope, Gama met a young missionary from Athol, Massachusetts named Angela Boudreau.  The two shared a passion for missions work and their relationship blossomed into a lasting relationship.  They were married March 18th 2006 on the grounds of Mission of Hope International where they first met.
The couple resided in Athol, Massachusetts for 5 years.  During that time Gama worked  stateside saving money to send home to his beloved Haitian family.  He became very restless while living in the states.  It wasn’t long before he heard the desperate cries of the Haitian people calling him home.  Gama remembered his promise to the Lord, to sow his life as a seed into Haiti. He knew it was time to return, so he along with his wife Angela and their son Nathan returned to Haiti.

Together they are devoted to the cause of Christ in helping the Haitian people.  The couple  now reside in the beautiful mountains of Haiti with their two children Nathan and Nyah.

Back to Haiti

In January of 2010 a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti killing an estimated 300,000 people.  Britney Gengel did not survive that quake. She sent this message to her family just before her passing. They love us so much and everyone is so happy. They love what they have and they work so hard to get nowhere, yet they are all so appreciative. I want to move here and start an orphanage myself.” ~ Britney Gengel sent this text to her Mom on 1/12/2010 Her family started the Be Like Brit Inc. foundation in her memory.  They chose Grand Guave Haiti to be the site of the 19,000 sq. ft earthquake proof orphanage.  belikebrit

Following the earthquake that left much of Haiti in devastation, Gama was recommended for a job through his “Spiritual Father”, Pastor Lexidan Edme, to work as “Clerk of the Works” for Be Like Brit’s  Orphange (BLB). Gama accepted the offer from Len Gengel, the founder of BLB orphanage and moved back to Haiti Dec 24, 2010 to help undergo this project. Gama was the construction site manager and oversaw the entire project.  He was the main translator used at BLB during the 2 year construction.  Because of his skill in leadership, Gama was promoted to “Haitian Director” of the BLB Orphanage when it opened in January of 2013. He was in charge of all the Haitian employees, as well as director of the home projects, including keeping the finances in order till December 2015. He has been entrusted with much responsibility and sees to it that things move smoothly at BLB. Gama’s involvement with BLB remains part-time now that he is devoting full-time to Tree of Hope Haiti.


Gama expresses sincere gratitude and appreciation to BLB and especially to Len and Cherylann Gengel for the experience he has had with them. Len has been a tremendous friend and inspiration to the entire Parayson family. When Gama started with BLB back in Dec. 2010, he had no prior construction education. The insight of this organization has gained Gama the knowledge necessary to fulfill his dream. The training he learned has been paramount in equipping Gama to build his own Guesthouse, and also to train others in building homes for the Haitian people who were left in such devastion. This is part of the vision of The Tree of Hope missions.


Construction of TOHH GuesthouseConstruction

TOHH has a fully functional Guesthouse that has been up and running since May 2015, housing visitors. They are excited to share the enthusiasm of groups from the US who are planning missions trips to Haiti. Gama is prepared to train and equip them for service in the reconstruction of desperately needed homes.  He is putting his training and experience to good use. Tree of Hope Haiti has been able to provide steady income to Haitian men who endure the heat without the modern tools or conveniences that we take for granted.  These devoted Haitian men take tremendous pride in their work and consider it a labor of love. Click on Learning More for volunteering opportunities.



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